Monday, January 3, 2011


This is one of the most challenging places around the world, but God is doing some great things here. There is a newly ordained Tibetan young pastor who is going into the interior starting churches. These national men need our prayers and support to do for Christ what only they can do. Pray for Tibet and the other restricted Asian countries. God is working!!!


We met so many great people in the church here in Jordan. They have a great burden for their country. We saw some amazing historical sites, but the greatest history is what is being written today by these faithful people of God. Please pray for the work to grow here for God's glory.


What a thrill to walk around the walls of Damascus, down the "street which is called Straight" (Acts 9:11) to the house of Ananias. What an even greater thrill to have a part in preaching the gospel there today. Please, pray for the good people in the churches here. Pray that God will keep the doors open.


We were blessed to be with Pastor Hani Dekho and the new church in Beirut. They are reaching many people with the gospel. We look forward to being with them each year laboring in the ministry. Please, pray for this needy area of the world.

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