Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ASIA '09 - Trip Summary

ASIA '09 - Trip Summary
Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Myanmar
Northern India - Southern India - Himalayas
Nepal - Bhutan - Bangladesh - Pakistan

10,312 saved in 6 weeks, Glory to God!!

"The Harvest is plenteous"

Training 309 in Pastor's and Worker's Conference

Encouraging dozens of local churches

"Jesus Film" movie nights EVERYWHERE!

Many people in these non-christian countries "have not the knowledge of Christ" even His name is foreign. The films, followed by a message and invitation has proven to be a great way to introduce Christ to multitudes. We need 4 projectors to send to each of these countries to be used during the year.

Baptist baptize! Amen!!! 135 in all!!

Large crusades to preach the gospel

Tribal evangelism in the bush. The elephants left as we came.

"the uttermost parts"

10,312 saved during the 6 weeks!

"The night cometh when no man can work"
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