Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Africa Trip 2013

Africa 2013 Trip

Burundi ~ Rwanda ~ Malawi

Tanzania ~ ZanzĂ­bar ~ Uganda
  The African 2013 trip was eventful and blessed of God.  Bro. Tim Pledger was met by Bro. Adewale Adesina from Nigeria and Bro. James Thomas from Texas.  Having extra preachers on the trip allowed the team to preach in many more venues.  The national pastors and leaders that hosted us in each of these countries did an amazing job setting up a fruitful schedule of preaching.   We are always amazed at the many open doors that are available in so many parts of Africa. The trip lasted just over one month. Film shows, school-preaching, and aggressive evangelism was the emphasis of this team. God blessed with 16,256 souls coming to Christ. The team also, had opportunities to broadcast over Christian radio from Rwanda. Only Heaven will tell the numbers of people that heard the gospel and were saved.

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