Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Burma ~ Vietnam ~ Cambodia ~ Loas 2008

BURMA 2008
We met so many wondeful believers in Burma where Adornium Judson had ministered and laid down his life for others. Each day we saw continual fruit from his labor.

We tauhgt for three hours on evangelism and filling the house of God to this dear church and pastor. They amazed us by bringing more than 270 people in one hour. Praise the Lord many were saved. This was an amazing pastor and people. Thank you, Pastor Siama and church.

The Burmese church bus ministry.

Sunday afternoon the pastor seen here took us to a viillage church where they had a record crowd of 121. Praise the Lord, many others saved.

Vietnam and Loas

Brother Dan from CBC preached to a group on theborder of Vietnam and Cambodia.
We learned many new things about the world that we live in and the gospel ministry here. RAN stands for (Restricted Access Nations). These are nations like Vietnam, Laos, China and others where the gospel is not freely preached in public. For this reason we do not show all the names and places, however, rest assured that we have met many great believers in many naitons.

The "arrest" followed this preaching in the Chu Chi market.

Our driver who was saved that morning spent his first night as a believer in our "cell" ministry.


Brother Douglass preaching to the students in Cambodia.

Fifteen were baptized that night at the camp pool.

Bro. Chris taught Bible school students each evening at 7 p.m. wtih Bro. Della Cruz translating.
Every Creature"
Village evangelism. Praise the Lord for Liberty Baptist Church, Bro. De La Cruz and faithful workers for all the hard work this week.

Wow! Bro. Montero's great work with both the Cambodian and the Vietnamese. Thank you for letting us join in the super VBS.

Early Sunday service to the widow's island mission.

Preaching the Gospel!!!

We have already been invited back to Asia in May of 2009. Lord willing we will be in six new countries and also spend a full month helping individual churches. If you would like to have an active part in these mission trips your pastor and church can email us at Thank you for your prayers and support.

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