Saturday, September 19, 2009

Togo Africa 2009

Pastor Emmanuel Goungampo at the Bread of Life Baptist Church traveled with us as our French translator.

We saw many saved at schools in Togo.

We had great service and gospel films at his church. Before this film, a former voodoo priest gave his testimony to the crowd.
Hundreds were saved.

Nigeria Africa 2009

In a fishing village, where we are starting a church and school.

We preached at the Independent Baptist Church of Lagos.
Pastor Wally Orekan and at the Market places.

Ivory Coast Africa 2009

Without any previous contacts, on a Sunday morning God led us to a great pastor and church. What a blessing, many were saved that night at the church and a new friendship was started.
Fundament Baptist Temple, Pastor Konan in Aboisso, Ivory Coast.

Ghana Africa

We preached daily in prisons and schools. We toured this former slave castle.

Benin Africa 2009

Benin is the birth place of African voodoo, a demonically pagan religion that has dictated the African culture as a whole. Here we found the fewest gospel preaching churches and missionaries This is the “Gate of No Return” in Wiadah, Benin, off the West Coast of Africa.
It was here that millions of captive slaves were loaded on ships for 400 years sold around the world

Here at the gate, this crowd received Christ and salvation from Hell there at the Gate of No Return. .


These children were saved at this shrine of voodoo kings.

We gathered crowds on our own everywhere we could.

The Ninety and Nine Slavs

At the birthplace of Joseph Stalin in Gori, Georgia (Stalin's luxury train) The joy of preaching the gospel on various countries and...