Saturday, March 26, 2011

Africa 2011

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Africa 2011

D. R. Congo

After some challenging days to get to the great Congo river, we were praising God for the open doors He had prepared before us. Familiar with the life and ministry of George Grenfell and the 27 years of ministry in the 1800's traveling up the Congo River in the steamboat "Peace" preaching the gospel and starting churches, we chartered a local canoe and venture up river where God led us to a remote village with no church of any kind. On the first visit, Tim Pledger, led the chief to the Lord while Jeff Stewart preached to the villagers and had 48 come to Christ. On the next visit more were saved and Tim baptized the 73 year old chief in the Congo. Others who had been saved requested baptism and with the help from men from the local church back down river a new church began. With the help of the good members at Ebenezer Baptist Church, started by Bro. Gale Dawson years ago, we were able to see hundreds saved along the river.


As we left Gabon and came to the Congo border, we unknowingly crossed into a desolate bush area 350km from "civilization". What should have been a one day journey to Brazzaville, Congo, turned into a 4 day "test of endurance" which included being held "financially hostage" by a pagan village chief; finding refuge one night in a Catholic church; being in the mud under the motorcycle; fleeing from crazed Congo police; dragging our luggage for miles and finally being aided by a former "war hero" and nephew of the former president. Conclusion, "There is a God in Heaven and He knows where you are even when you are lost in the Congo!!!" Praise Him. When we at end reached the Congo river between Brazzaville and Kinshasa, the Lord had prepared some wonderful nationals to minister with and a mass of souls for the harvest.


We traveled many miles across African roads to get to Libreville, Gabon experiencing several break-downs which led to a ten hour ride in the back of a tractor trailer through the night in the bush. Praise God it was worth it all when we reach our destination and saw the souls saved.

Equatorial Guinea


In Douala, Cameroon, we were blessed to be part of the Zion Baptist Church. We were thrilled to have a part in the Lord's work with these great people. This good ministry is very active in evangelism and church planting. We were so thankful for their hospitality and look forward to returning to all parts Cameroon.

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