Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Africa 2012 Report

The 2012 African trip included eleven countries, nine new countries in southern Africa.  It was by far the busiest months we have spent in Africa.  The rental car, better roads and border crossings allowed us to make much better use of our time.  There were four of us this year, Dos Rossouw, Jeff Stewart, Chris and Tim Pledger.  This enabled us to cover more area at one time.  One day alone, we were able to speak in ten different schools and saw over 4000 saved.  Many nights we would be able to show two films in two different areas.  In the end, we had been in over 70 schools and shown the gospel film around 25 times.  Also, on the weekends we would be preaching in local churches and holding training for church leaders.  In the eleven countries, we saw 25,942 souls saved, 126 baptized and two new churches started.  Praise the Lord for His grace and goodness.  We are thankful for all the support and each person that had part in guiding and translating for us.  Souls for Jesus!









South Africa

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baka Pygmy - Mbanza, Congo

Jeff Stewart and I traveled with our Congo guides and translators, to the northern city of Imfonda.  From there we began a five day trek to the Baka village.  God sustained us and blessed in a wonderful way as many precious souls came to Him and were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.  As a result the Mt Calvary Baptist Church was started and another in the village of Ituzi.  Thank the Lord for all the prayers and support.  God is Good.

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